Become a Member

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the National Congress of Black Women – Kansas City Chapter!  Membership is growing rapidly throughout the United States, including our area, at an unprecedented rate – a growth that’s credited to the significant impact our organization makes in the empowerment of Black women. Through our programs and services, we’re committed to representing and reflecting the local voice. 

Being invited to join as a member is an esteemed honor and your role is critical in fulfilling the mission of the organization.

Requirements include:

  • dedication to volunteer efforts
  • adherence to chapter principles 
  • attend eight general meetings a year
  • participation in community engagement events
  • pay national dues ($50/year)
  • pay chapter dues ($75/year)
  • share a common interest and sisterhood
  • passionate about improving the educational, social, political and economic status of African-American women and their families


To expedite your membership registration process, please email your application to We will notify you of next steps once your application is received.


As a member of our chapter, you’ll join other powerful and confident women who are making a difference in Kansas City by:

  • confronting forces in society that threaten social justice and the well-being of African-Americans.

  • connecting women professionally, personally, and culturally.

  • educating and exposing our youth to the election system, good citizenship, the voting process, and the importance of government.

  • encouraging Black women to become socially and politically involved in issues affecting their families and the community.

  • hosting workshops and seminars on topics that impact and meet the needs of the community.

  • providing internships in all areas of government.

  • providing scholarships and establishing funds for educational resources necessary for quality education.

  • recognizing community members, profound leaders, and volunteers who are change agents in our area.

The National Congress of Black Women is a 501(c)(3) not for profit charitable organization.  Are you a business or organization in need of volunteers? If so, please contact us.  Thank you.


In addition to playing a direct role in bringing about effective change for African-American women in Kansas City, being a member includes its own set of benefits that are essential for your personal and professional growth. These benefits include:

  • invitation to attend the NCBW Annual Brunch in Washington D.C.

  • support for career preparation

  • support for launching and growing a startup or small businesses

  • support for public/private sector and non-profit businesses

  • professional affiliation

  • training on public office candidacy and campaign strategies
  • financial wellness and wealth building

  • updates and resources for social security benefits, pensions, and retirement

  • networking opportunities

  • a pathway to introduce, plan, and implement your vision for community improvement

Membership Purchase

For a speedy membership registration and purchase process, please scan and email your membership application(s) to and purchase your membership electronically below. Thank you for becoming a member of the National Congress of Black Women, Inc., Kansas City Chapter.